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Alexea Grech
Alexea GrechAlexea Grech, one of the founders of Newmedia Marketing Solutions, represents NMS at conferences and international events. She has extensive knowledge and experience in ebusiness and internet marketing and has led projects in a broad range of industries including Telecommunications, Internet Technology, Travel and Financial Services.

Alexea has a creative background in advertising and communications. Prior to setting up NMS in the UK she worked with Bell Pottinger Communications, The Brunswick Group and Saatchi and Saatchi in London. She also consulted a number of businesses including Cassa di Risparmio in Italy and Celtic FC in the UK. She has a first class degree in Marketing Communications and an MSc in International Marketing.

Speaker Profile
Alexea provides unique and engaging presentations at business and marketing events worldwide.

She was invited to present at the Internet Marketing Conference in Berlin amongst the world's leading internet marketing experts. Alexea moderated the marketing panel at the Amsterdam Dance Event and also presents on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). She was the keynote speaker in a Mediterranean ebusiness conference and provides guest lectures to MBA students.

Alexea took part in the BBC "Web Wise for Business" television program which educates businesses on how to use the internet a strategic business and marketing tool. She also writes articles for business and marketing publications and is a judge for the Golden Globe Web Awards in the US.

She has spoken about marketing, ebusiness, internet marketing, business innovation and key success factors for entrepreneurs. Alexea's business experience enables her to provide insight that the audience can relate to the real business world. She uses key issues and case study examples in each of her presentations in order to give the audience a tangible feel for the subjects she is covering.

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