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ebusiness strategy

What are my key ebusiness opportunities? How do I achieve strategic business benefit on the Internet? How can I use my web site to increase revenues? How should I enhance my brand online?

ebusiness strategy

The ebusiness strategy is at the centre of every NMS project. It determines the mix of ebusiness and internet marketing tools that will be used to generate new business and improve loyalty with existing customers.

competitive advantage

The NMS ebusiness strategy highlights how your organisation can differentiate itself and achieve competitive advantage online. It also includes the integration of ebusiness activities with the traditional business activities. NMS will create a tailor made ebusiness strategy that will position your company ahead of your competitors.

ebusiness strategy services

Business analysis
    Market research
    Interactive features
    Online branding
    Internet marketing
    Intranet strategy
    B2B marketing
    Technology integration
    CRM activities
    121 relationship marketing

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