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NMS has a team of highly experienced usability testing experts who have experience of implementing usability projects for major Fortune 500 clients including Microsoft, Yahoo Geocities, and Disney Online.

What is usability?

Usability is the quest for applications or products that are intuitive and easy to use. It also involves the creation of a user experience that seamlessly conveys your brand image and clearly communicates the product benefits.

User experience

Creating a unique and compelling user experience is critical to the success or failure of all web development, whether it is a marketing-focused web site, a multimedia presentation or a corporate intranet. Every project involves developing a robust and scalable information architecture, defining key user groups and creating a user interface that is intuitive, attractive and easy to use.

Usability specialists

Our specialists bring together the functionality, usability, branding and business objectives to create a compelling site concept that is intuitive and easy to use. This is what will differentiate you from your competitors.

The design, navigation, ease of use, brand communication, interactivity, and customer perception will all benefit from usability testing. These factors will mould your online success. Contact us and find out how NMS Usability can add value to your intranet or web site.

NMS Usability Services
Usability testing
    User experience
    Intranet information architecture
    Focus groups
    Heuristic evaluations
    On site testing
    User questionnaires
    Training and online-surveys
    User centred design
    Usability evaluations

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